My 2013-14 All NBA Team selections.

The NBA season is winding down quickly, which means that All-NBA teams will be announced soon.  For those who care, here are my All-NBA teams.


All NBA 1st Team


C – Joakim Noah:    12.6 ppg  11.3 rpg   5.4 apg

F – Kevin Durant:    32.0 ppg   7.4 rpg   5.5 apg

F – Lebron James:    27.1 ppg   6.9 rpg   6.4 apg

G – Stephen Curry:  24.0 ppg   4.3 rpg   8.5 apg

G – Chris Paul:        19.1 ppg   4.3 rpg  10.7 apg


  • Durant, James, and Curry are obvious picks.  No explanation is needed for those 3 and it will be a huge upset if any of them are left off the first team.
  • I continuously went back and forth between Noah and Al Jefferson.  Jefferson was the better offensive player while Noah was the better one defensively.  It’s really close between the 2, but Noah’s team had a better record and went through more adversity (losing Rose and Deng in the middle of the year).
  • Another toss-up was between Paul and James Harden for the final guard spot.  Chris Paul is the better player between the 2, but Harden played in 11 more games.  In the end, the disparity in games played was not big enough for me to deny CP3 the 1st team spot.


All NBA 2nd Team


C – Al Jefferson:            21.8 ppg  10.8 rpg  2.1 apg

F – Blake Griffin:           24.1 ppg    9.5 rpg  3.9 apg

F – LaMarcus Aldridge: 23.2 ppg  11.1 rpg  2.6 apg

G – James Harden:         25.4 ppg    4.7 rpg  6.1 apg

G – Goran Dragic:         20.3 ppg    3.2 rpg  5.9 apg


  • Initially I had Kevin Love on my 2nd team and Aldridge on my 3rd team but I decided to swap them.  Even though Love might be the better player, there is something very wrong with the Timberwolves being as bad as they are.  I don’t fault them for missing the playoffs, but they weren’t even in the discussion.  They finished 9 games behind Dallas.  The win/loss discrepancy was enough for me to have them trade places.
  • There were 3 different guards that I wanted to put in the final spot, but I can only pick one.  I picked Dragic over Kyle Lowry and John Wall because of how amazing the Suns season was.  Despite playing in the western conference, the Suns were in the playoff hunt all year thanks to Dragic.  He easily had the weakest supporting cast of the 3 players too which is why he gets the nod.


All NBA 3rd Team


C – Anthony Davis: 20.8 ppg  10.0 rpg  2.8 bpg

F – Kevin Love:       26.1 ppg  12.5 rpg  4.4 apg

F – P George:           21.7 ppg    6.8 rpg  3.5 apg

G – K Lowry:           17.9 ppg    4.7 rpg  7.4 apg

G – J Wall:               19.3 ppg    4.1 rpg  8.8 apg


  • I know that Davis is technically a power forward, but he guarded a lot of Centers this year. Plus, there are too many good forwards to give DeMarcus Cousins or Dwight Howard an All NBA spot this year.
  • There were 3 different forwards that I wanted to put in that last spot (George, Carmelo Anthony, and Dirk Nowitzki).  Anthony and Nowitzki are better offensively than George, but George is the best defender of the 3 and one of the best 2-way players in the game.  George might not be a superstar yet, but he deserves the All NBA slot.
  • Surprisingly there wasn’t any real competition for the last 2 guard spots.  DeRozan, Irving, Lillard, and Conley all had great years, but none deserved a spot over Lowry and Wall.
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